5 Things to Start Your New Stepfamily Off on the Right Track

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I am the poster child for blended families. By the age of 13 both of my parents had remarried, causing me to go from being the only child to having three brothers and three sisters. My life dramatically changed, and it took awhile for me to catch up.

I’ve witnessed the good, bad and ugly of blended families. In retrospect, we were all just winging it because there isn’t a manual on how to blend your broken family. However, there are steps to take that can make everyone’s life a tad bit easier. Here are five things to start your new stepfamily off on the right track.

Read more...https://blackandmarriedwithkids.com/2016/09/blended-5-things-to-start-your-new-step-family-off-on-the-right-track/

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