A StepFamily Blank Family Tree Chart

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A Step-Family Blank Family Tree Chart This template is ideal for the genealogist who wants to embrace all aspects of their family tree. We’re sure you’ll find there is nothing else like it online. You’ll find a perfect symmetry between biological and Stepfamily lineages and clearly understand how to complete one family chart that includes both. The chart has the following key qualities:

We’ve clearly defined which areas are used to record key dates and information about any form of extended family and specifically how to blend biological and step-families into a single family tree chart.

  • Clear Date Notation, Location References, and Continuation Numbering

Like the more traditional six-generation family tree template, we’ve crafted this Step-Family Tree to adhere to the same standards of genealogy documentation with clear date notation for birth, marriage, and death records and a seamless continuation numbering system that will allow you to trace your step-family back dozens of generations.

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