Adjust to Small Town Life

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You have just moved out of the city and moved to a small town. Since you're not used to it, want to?


  1. Get to know people. When you get to know people, you will be less scared/alienated. Start at school/workplace, grocery store, market or somewhere where people are most populated.
  2. Talk to a person who is alone. Walk over to them and say a simple 'Hi' and ask how are they. If they say hi back, start a conversation with that person about anything.
  3. Try to know the town. The more you know the town, the more you'll probably like it. Just go cruising around in your car or look up on the web to see what is the small town has. And remember: big things come in small packages.
  4. Talk to the neighbors or to your peers/coworkers. This will help you get to know people.


  • Go to the fun events and social activities. It will be crowded with people. Maybe you'll make friends.
  • Try to make friends. The most important thing in life is to make friends and to socialize. When you see the opportunity, reach for it.
  • If you enjoy sports try joining a league, normally a team bond will lead to friendships that will lead to more things to do.