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A fruitarian is a person who follows a version of a vegan diet.

They choose to eat only ripe fruits that grow in plants or on trees. Fruitarians use differing definitions of what is considered a "fruit". Some will only eat fruit that can be harvested without damaging the plant. Some eat nuts and seeds, while some do not.



  1. Buy organic fruit when possible. Certain fruits are more likely to contain chemicals than others. Look at MSN's article "The Dirty Dozen" for a list of foods you should buy organic.
  2. Make the change to a fruit diet gradually. Your digestive system will react badly if you make the switch all at once.
  3. Understand which fruits contain which nutrients, and plan a balanced diet. Don't live only on a few types of fruits.
  4. Try to eat every 2-3 hours, and stop when full.
  5. Drink water or fresh squeezed juice. Store-bought juice is full of unnecessary sugars, corn syrup, preservatives, and is also cooked. Make large smoothies of mixed fruit for a fast meal.
  6. Make sure you are eating a variety of plant fruits that are sweet and fleshy such as plums, apples, and oranges.
  7. Understand that fruitarians will differ in what they eat. Some will eat foods that are usually referred to as vegetables, such as bell peppers, tomato and cucumbers, nuts and grains and because they come from a plant, while others will not.


  • When outdoors, at school or work, mix together dried fruit (make sure it is raw, no preservatives or other added ingredients).
  • Try new and exotic fruits.


  • Since fruit and vegetables contain a lot of fiber and water and are relatively low in calories, most people will lose weight on a fruitarian diet. Don't do it if you are already underweight.
  • As with any new diet, always consult your doctor and listen to his/her advice BEFORE you start. You may also want to discuss this with a nutrition specialist.
  • Do not try fruitarianism if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • Fruit juice and dried fruits are high in sugar. This has all the usual implications for diabetics.

Things You'll Need

  • blender
  • juicer
  • dehydrator (for raw dried fruit)

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