Become a Quiet Person

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Are worried about being too noisy and too forward all the time? Toning down a little can be useful for the right occasions, provided that you don't suppress your real personality all the time.



  1. Consider improving your listening skills. Instead of wanting to be the first to be heard and the person who has the most sway, think about letting others have a turn before you and adding your piece later. Here are some easier ways to keep quiet:

    • If you shout answers out, try to control yourself.
    • Do not talk to your desk partner. It will get you in trouble.
    • Ask someone else to explain their story before you give yours.
  2. Use manners. Manners are an important way to help us stop and think about the context of our behavior. Think about whether or not being noisy is being considerate of others' needs. Places such as libraries, theaters, exam rooms, etc. are obvious places where we should keep our voices down. Think about other less obvious situations, such as a restaurant, when someone else is talking, in the car, etc. and see if you can be quieter than normal.
  3. Release your energy regularly. Don't button yourself up all the time. Get out and exercise to release your energy. Find places where it's OK to be loud and to let yourself talk at the top of your voice, as much as you want. This will help create balance in your life between the moments of keeping quiet and the moments of letting yourself be loud.


  • Try to talk less and monitor the results you get.