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For couples who are living in a ‘blended’ family or are considering joining their families. The program will help your explore parenting styles, good communication and conflict resolution.



31 October 2012 - 21 November 2012

7:00pm - 9:00pm

4 sessions, 8 hours total


Relationships Australia Tasmania

20 Clare Street New Town


$104.50 per person

$64.50 / $74.50 concession

Course Description

When parts of two already formed families combine there are bound to be kinks and tensions while the members try to sort out their positions within the new team.
In this course the ‘team managers’ or you both, the new couple, will have the opportunity to consider in a new light what your children may be experiencing.
Each family group will already have its own well developed ways of being together and part of managing the new team is for you to identify how both sides operate in their own space.

What your course will cover

You will develop ways of managing the new team more effectively by:

  • Exploring your individual situations
  • Discussing your personal approach to your own issues with each other
  • Identifying the team members you have and what they bring to the mix
  • Brainstorming ways of making the new team work
  • Finding ways to maintain the team function
  • Trialing plans to have couple time to keep your ‘sanity’

What to bring

  • Pen & note paper

Important information

  • Classes are not held on public holidays unless otherwise advertised
  • Please note that children must not attend this class unless it is a specified parent/child activity.

For more information or to enrol please call Relationships Australia Tasmania on: (03) 6211 4050

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