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Water filters can improve the taste of your tap water, but they do need to be changed every six months to work properly. These instructions will work to replace any Franke Triflow cartridge and may work for some other brands as well.


  1. Buy the replacement cartridge from the manufacturer or any of the retailers you can find on the internet. Use the serial number on your current cartridge to order the correct part.
  2. Look under the sink and locate the white cylinder shaped casing which contains the water filter cartridge. Shut off the water valve which leads to this filter.
  3. Remove the remaining water in the filter hoses by turning your filtered water on as you normally do above the sink. If you completed step 2 correctly , the water should stop flowing within a few seconds.
  4. Place a bowl or bucket under the water filter to catch the water which will spill out when you remove the cartridge casing.
  5. Unscrew the white plastic cartridge casing located under the sink. Pour the dirty water out of the plastic casing and wash the casing in warm soapy water. Remove any mold or dirt buildup which might have developed.
  6. [Remove the new cartridge from the box it was shipped in and gently wet the two rubber "O" rings on its top.
  7. Screw the new cartridge and the plastic casing into the receptor under the sink.
  8. Turn on the filtered water tap and let it run for at least 2 minutes to remove any impurities. Check under the sink for any leaks that might have developed.


  • Franke Triflow water filters begin to break down after six months and lose the ability to filter many chemicals such as chlorine. You will notice that the water flow from the filter will begin to diminish once this has happened. Six months is calculated for family of four (or 600 gallons for carbon inside ceramic). After six months of use the filter is still safe for bacteria removal.
  • Ceramic is cleanable (see manual included with cartridge) which will increase water flow.


  • When screwing in the new cartridge, do not lubricate it with any grease or solvents. Water is the safest lubricant for this purpose.

Franke FRX-02 Triflow Water Filter Cartridge: Home Improvement

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