Denny Crane was a character in which 2004-2008 American TV series

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Boston Legal

A name Partner of Crane, Poole & Schmidt, Denny Crane is a renowned attorney of some fifty years of practice who claims he has never lost a case, and never will.

He considers himself a legend and loves to say his own name to "sign" his verbal utterances.

In one of the final episodes of The Practice, he explained that often people don't believe they're in the room with a legend, so he says his own name to let them know it's true.

Denny often refers to a condition he calls "mad cow" when his utterances are confusing to others or when he himself becomes confused.

While there are instances of prion diseases in humans, it is much more likely that Denny is suffering the early stages of Alzheimer's or another form of dementia.

While he is still trying cases as late as Season 1 of Boston Legal, by Season 2, he seems to have lost most of his talent for complex litigation, though he still shows flair in appealing to a jury in closing arguments.

He is a conservative who believes gun control is for "communists" and refuses to defend anyone who is accused of extremely heinous acts; in one episode, he shoots a client because of the nature of his crime (raping and murdering a child).

Denny is also a womanizer like Alan, and has no problem sleeping with the wives of judges and clients.

Though he marries another woman in Season 2 (from whom he is quickly divorced after engaging in an act of infidelity at their wedding reception), he still pines for Shirley Schmidt.