Do the Boom Snap Clap Hand Game

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A fun hand game to play by yourself or with a friend!


  1. For the first boom, slap your heart.
  2. Snap with your right hand.
  3. Clap your hands together.
  4. For the ba-boom, slap your heart 2 times.
  5. Snap again with your right hand.
  6. Clap again.
  7. Snap with your right hand.
  8. Slap your heart again.
  9. Snap Again.
  10. Clap.
  11. Do the ba-boom.
  12. Snap again.
  13. Put your right finger to your mouth and say shhhh!

Boom , snap , clap , ba-boom ,snap , clap , snap , boom , snap , clap , ba-boom ,snap ,shhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!



  • To do this game with a friend do this exact thing but when you clap, clap your hand to your friend's hand!

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