Get Along With a Step Parent

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It's not uncommon to have conflicts with a step-parent. Here are some suggestions to help you get along better.


  1. Be prepared for personality clashes. Often, you will discover that your personality and the personality of your step-parent clash. Here is how to fix that;
  2. Don't change yourself. If they can't deal with the real you, tough luck. That being said, while you don't want to change for other people, sometimes for our good, we need to progress.
  3. Don't ask them to change.
  4. Do something together. Go out to a movie or do some shopping.
  5. Discuss your dilemma in a calm, assertive manner.
  6. Do what they say when they say it.
  7. Come up with a mutual agreement and keep a positive attitude throughout the process.


  • Don't lie about your feelings and don't hold back what you have to say. Bottled up feelings are bad for you and whatever happens is meant to be. Trust in yourself and be persistent. Don't let the step-parent be your superior but respect them and listen to them.


  • Don't spend all of your time trying to be the perfect child and realize that you will always come second to their biological child. Learn to live with this and you have the beginning foundation for a healthy home.