Help Kids Adjust to Step-Parents - Blending Families and Children

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More American families experience divorce now than ever before in history. Because nearly 40 percent of marriages end in divorce and people remarry, children of divorced parents are forced to cope with a new blended family.

The blended family is a very complicated situation to navigate for a parent who wants to create a happy home -- both for their child and themselves.Making the transition into a blended family can sometimes breed conflict and resentments -- children may be uncomfortable with their new step-parent's disciplining techniques or they might fight incessantly with their new step-siblings. Other children may withdraw and turn inwards rejecting your help.To offer support for parents of blended families, The Survivors Club has asked Amy Klein, a psychotherapist specializing in family care for over 15 years, to offer seven straightforward tips to help newly blended families cope with the changes.

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