How Successful Blended Families Create Happy Holidays

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Single parents who come together and create a blended family typically do so with their eyes wide open.

Each parent has experienced emotional loss, profound regret and shattered expectations.

Financial and logistical challenges demand flexibility and sacrifice.

Difficult and frank discussions about finances, shared living spaces and respective co-parenting schedules take place nearly every day.

But frequently left out of the conversation are the parents' differing perspectives on holiday and birthday celebrations, as other seemingly more pressing issues take priority.

That's a problem because these differences in family customs also require discussion and planning. Without such conversations, unspoken resentments and misunderstandings percolate, leading to hurt feelings and unnecessary conflict.

It's best not to wait until a birthday or holiday is just around the corner to talk about what you'll do as a family on these occasions.

Here's how to begin these important conversations:


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