How do I introduce children to new partner

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How to introduce a new partner to your kids

You want your children to be as comfortable with your new partner as possible, so you need to put them at ease. Whatever their age, be open and honest about your new partner. Once they're used to the idea that you and their other parent are no longer together, you can introduce the idea that you love someone new.

1. Don't rush to introduce your new partner to your kids. They need time and space to get used to the idea that you can love someone new first. Ideally, wait for them to suggest the meeting.

2. Make sure your new relationship is going to last before you allow the new person to form an attachment to your child.

3. Be prepared for your child to feel anger, hostility and insecurity. That's common - try not to get angry, while taking time to talk through how they're feeling in a sympathetic way.

4. Be slow to invite your partner to move in and discuss the prospect first with your kids. Give them the chance to air their concerns. This is even more important if your new partner has children who will move in, too.

5. Explain how sharing with stepchildren has many upsides - they can swap music and games, and also share hobbies. Source: Mirror Uk