How to Tell Children You Are Remarrying

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Congratulations, you're engaged, again. A great but emotional time for everyone. But how will you tell your children? Remember children are more emotionally fragile than adults.


  1. Sit them down. Bring them into the main family room and sit across from them with your partner.
  2. Be sensitive. If you only have one child then no matter how old they are, hold their hands, show affection. If you have two or more children then just speak in a sweet tone.
  3. Ask how they feel. If your child/children see your partner as a parent then you should skip this step as it may make things worse. If they do not see your partner as a parent then ask them how they feel about them.
  4. Tell them how you feel. Tell them that you love your partner but you will always love them just as much,
  5. Break the news. Tell them you are remarrying.

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