How to beat the odds in your step-family

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Here is some very helpful tips to help you beat the odds.

Get educated

Locate churches and community programs that provide stepfamily and remarriage support. Buy a book or a DVD about successful stepfamily living. Knowing that what you are experiencing is normal; is a stage that will pass; and that it will get better is empowering and brings hope for the future.

Get connected

With other stepfamilies that are interested in understanding stepfamily dynamics. It is essential to have caring friends who can listen, encourage, support and remind us of the stepfamily development principles and stages when we are on the verge of losing hope.

Get Professional Help

Having a therapist who understands the unique dynamics of stepfamilies is important. Stepfamilies are different from first marriage families. A trained professional can help you to discover and unravel not only the current issues, but the historical patterns, beliefs and behaviors that keep recycling themselves in daily life.

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