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Joseph StepFamily Ministries was founded in 2006 by Todd and Tammy Gangl and our six children. We are a stepfamily, married in February of 2004. With what was nothing short of the grace of God, we combined Tammy's family of three with my family of five to create a rather large stepfamily of eight.

Having been an Air Force Reserve Chaplain before my divorce, the longing to continue ministry work was always in my heart and shortly after our new stepfamily began, I realized that calling with the founding of Jospeh StepFamily Ministries.

What makes us unique is not only that we live what we teach everyday, but that our children participate in the workshops and seminars with us. We not only share from the parents point of view about blending a family, but also from our children's point of view.

The impact of using our whole family to minister to not only stepmoms and stepdads, but also to their children, has been amazing! We continually get comments about the positive difference our children made on others with their open and honest answers to some tough questions from both the parents and teens attending the seminars.

There is nothing better than teens reaching out and ministering to teens to truly make lives change forever!

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