Keep a Shower Curtain from Sticking to You

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Are you tired of the shower curtain being attached to you? Is the air in the room becoming too cloudy? Here is the solution to those bathroom mishaps.


  1. Open a window in the bathroom. The reason the curtain gets pushed in is because of the air flow.
  2. Don't have the water flow too hard. The jet of the water sucks the air from out side in allowing the curtain to be pushed in.
  3. Improvise some weights. If you have shampoo and conditioner in your shower, put one bottle at one corner, holding the curtain in place and use the other on the other corner, you need to make sure that the bottles are heavy. Use another bottle such as body wash to hold the inside part. This will stop the curtain from being pushed in.
  4. Have the ceiling fan on, this helps remove the hot air and brings in heavier air which keeps the curtain level.


  • Have a fan or a window open allows the hot air to exit the room which stops the curtain from blowing in as much
  • Use water to attach the curtain to the walls, it will stick and stop opening as much.
  • Clean the curtain the weight of the water will help, prevent it from floating towards you.


  • Make sure the curtain is on the inside of the lip of the shower, or you will have a flood in your bathroom.
  • Don't have the water too hot as this forces the air out of the shower cubicle which forces the air to come in punching the curtain.
  • Don't have the jet of water spraying too hard as it allows the curtain to be pushed inwards by a lower pressure.

Things You'll Need

  • Some large heavy bottles of shampoo and conditioner
  • Shower curtain cleaner
  • A window open or the ceiling fan going.

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