Tips on Controlling Anger

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  • Watch what you say when you're angry. You don't always feel the same as when you have calmed down and thought of the situation.
  • Try listening to soothing songs that bring peace to your mind.
  • If you get angry easily and find it hard to control yourself, find a quiet place away from everybody. Scream into a blanket, pillow, or anything to stifle the noise. (If you want to, you can even just yell if nobody is around.) It'll help you let off some steam.
  • Recognize that sometimes anger is justified, and may need to come out. However, realize that there are productive ways to do it instead of lashing out at others.
  • Ask yourself if the future recipient of your furor deserves to be blown up at, or if you are just using them as a punching bag to release steam about another person/issue that bothers you.
  • Find a creative outlet, such as writing, drawing etc. where you can expend your energy. Hobbies help elevate your mood and allow you to channel energy that you'd usually spent dwelling on issues that you aren't able to resolve. Imagine what you could do with the energy you expend in anger if you channeled it into something else.
  • Think about the stress you put on yourself. Do you enjoy feeling that way? If not change it.
  • Meditation is a useful way to release stress and/or anxiety, the precursors to anger.
  • Avoid all things that were involved in making you angry until you have cooled down. Block out anything or anyone and go into a quiet place and breathe deeply until you are calm enough.
  • Try to stay away from situations or places or anything that make you angry.
  • Just think of someone you love and say to yourself that you are better than that bully.
  • When you are mad, just take a breath and try not to show it at the moment or vent it later on friends or family about it, but be calm and understand the other persons point of view.
  • Try not to say anything offensive/defensive. This may lead to 2 angry people.
  • It can be best by letting out anger physically. Hitting a pillow is a good way to do it because it releases anger in a healthy way without causing anyone injury.

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