Know if Your Baby Will Be a Girl or Boy

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During pregnancy, there is no way you can mentally know the gender of your baby. But from the minute the egg is fertilized, the gender has been pre-determined by the sperm. How does your body truly work it's magic? Take it all the way back to high school health class. This is how your baby's gender was determined.


  1. 1: The egg travels through the Fallopian tubes, like during menstruation. The sperm, from the male's reproductive system will travel up the tubes, towards your ovary. Along the way, the sperm and egg will mix.
  2. 2: The egg will further on be known as X. The sperm will carry an X or Y, X for girl, and Y for boy.
  3. 3. The egg and sperm will travel to your period lining, and stick to it, where it will grow, in the uterus. You will carry the baby for 9 months. During the pregnancy months, the baby egg will be known as a fetus.
  4. 4. All there is to it is right behind you!!!!


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