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Pass a Drug Test in Short Notice

Do you need to pass a drug test in one day? This article provides some suggestions that may help you. Be aware that they may not work also. You are the judge of your own destiny on this one.


  1. Drink a lot of water/cranberry and pomegranate juice. The water and pomegranate works the best.
  2. Drink 8 ounces of wheatgrass twice a day every day before the test.
  3. Sit in the sauna for as long as you can. You want to sweat as much as possible.{[fact}}
  4. Exercise. Reduce your body fat level and stay very active, always exercising.
  5. Buy vitamin C pills and 500 mg niacin pills. Take 6 niacin pills daily in serving sizes of 2. Don't take any more then two at a time. Take 2 vitamin C pills every 4 hours of the day and constantly drink water.
  6. Take a few niacin and multiple vitamin C pills before the test. Some labs will test for elevated levels of niacin, so you may want to avoid it before the test.
  7. Urinate before the test. When you urinate into the cup, make sure to pee in the toilet first and then urinate in the cup, getting the last of the urine into the cup.
  8. Do not do drugs, unless your sure you can pass your drug test!
  9. Consider a detox product. Passing a drug test can be very easy. Obviously, one would want to completely abstain from the use of drugs altogether. However, if that is not an option, you must seek the help of a product or products that will assist you in eliminating the metabolites in your system created from the drug use. Many products claim to do this, but only a select few really work. When selecting a detox product, make sure that the product doesn't dramatically change the color of your urine as this will bring up a huge red flag for the test administrator and immediately require your urine sample to be sent for further testing. Teas are the best answer for detox as they won't change the color of your urine.


  • Exercise daily and drink water and juices daily.
  • Be Prepared, and always keep a substitute sample available. Now this is not possible with someone else urine so it can only be done with a concentrated sample with a temperature monitored container.


  • Niacin can be dangerous in high doses. If your skin feels like you got sunburned, stop taking it.
  • Do not try these instructions unless you have already taken the drug you will be tested for. Don't do drugs, especially not just to try this test!

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